100 owls is a series of illustrations by david scheirer.

As the name implies, the goal of the series is to create 100 unique images of owls, with the hope of creating a book that will capture the viewers interest through the entire series. The illustrations are created with ink and watercolor.

David is an avid birdwatcher, amateur naturalist, painter, artist, fossil collector, and owl enthusiast.

13 thoughts on “About

  1. This is awesome. I am quite fond of owls myself, but only lately have been letting that fondness grow. My personal logo is a stylized owl I created. Great illustrations here, sir!

  2. Great Blog and very cool illustrations! Congrats. Always have my hopes up about seeing an owl in New Jersey (apparently they do exist here according to Audubon).

    1. Thanks for your note. Good luck! It is quite amazing seeing them in the wild. They are in New Jersey, and I have even heard of the occasional Snowy Owl coming that far south!

  3. Hi David, great blog. The owl has always been a source of fascination for me due to its dichotomous nature and embodying of both doom and wisdom. I look forward to seeing more wonderful illustrations!

  4. Thanks, I agree there is something fascinating about them. I chose them for this projects because of the number of different habitats they live in. It makes for endless inspiration.

  5. Will you have the originals for sale at some point? If you ever want these translated into letterpress prints, let me know, I’d love to collaborate.

    1. I’ll sell an original now and then when people ask. If there are any you have your eye on let me know. Letterpress could be really cool! I’ll think about that, let me know if you have any specific ideas – cards of some type could be nice.

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