Great Gray Owl and Barbed Wire Fence Drawing

great gray owl drawing
A revised drawing of Owl #7. A Great Gray Owl sitting on a barbed wire fence, and a simple, barren snowy landscape. I liked the original concept and simplicity of this one, but it just needed to be redrawn as my style has evolved and I’ve become more practiced at drawing owls.

5×7″ Print

Snowy Owl and Northern Lights illustration

snowy owl northern lights illustration
Owl #42
Snowy Owl and Northern Lights

A new illustration of a snowy owl sitting on a driftwood log, under a star filled sky and the glowing Aurora Borealis.

snowy owl christmas card

This is my owl Holiday card design for this year, which you can find in the shop here:

Packs of 10 will be available in a couple days!

Fall Woodland Illustration

owl fungi drawing

Owl #40
Owl and nuthatch

A rainy fall woodland scene. An owl and a nuthatch on a fungi covered tree.
This one was a little difficult, it went through many revisions until I was finally happy with it. Sometimes its tough finding that balance between simplicity and the right amount of detail.

Prints available here: