New sketches

owl frost sketch
A little preview of new work. I spent last week sketching lots of new ideas for this year’s owl calendar (2016). I have a bunch of fun illustrations in the works that I will be posting in the coming weeks. Hope to have the calendar finished up by October with all new illustrations.
Above, a barn owl flying over a frosty field. Below, an owl in a little landscape with houses which will be used for the December month and this year’s Christmas cards.

owl sketch

Illustrated Owl Chart

owl chart illustration

Whimsical Illustrated Owl Species Chart
13×19 Print:

This has been on my list to draw for a while now and I finally got around to it. It was a fun challenge figuring out how to portray and differentiate each owl. Not sure I can pick a favorite. I’m particularly happy with the great grey, screech, and northern hawk owl.

whimsical cartoon owls illustration

owls drawing

Owl and fireflies

owl fireflies art

Owl #31 Revised
Flying Barn Owl and Fireflies

This is a new version of Owl 31, which after a little time I wasn’t happy with. My original concept of having only sky wasn’t as visually interesting as I thought, so this updated version has a meadow / field drawn in. I’ll probably use that ‘sky only’ concept again and find a way to make it work – because I think it could be interesting.
Also wanted to redraw the owl in this one. Although very simplified, it’s much more anatomically correct here.

Prints available in the shop:×7

Barn Owl Christmas Card

Owl #26
barn owl christmas card

This is my other Christmas card for this year. A Barn Owl flying over little houses decorated with Christmas lights. Barn Owls tend to remind me of Christmas, so I’ve had a cozy little scene like this in my head for a while. I love the colorful old Christmas lights so I had to paint those in as well.

owl christmas card