Owl and Starry Night Sky Watercolor Painting

owl starry sky painting
Owl #51
Owl and Milky Way

An owl flying across a star filled sky with a band of the Milky Way. India ink and watercolor. Used some masking fluid with this one for the stars and then went back with more watercolor to get some added depth once I took it up – somewhat time intensive but I’m happy with the effect.

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Owl and fireflies

owl fireflies art

Owl #31 Revised
Flying Barn Owl and Fireflies

This is a new version of Owl 31, which after a little time I wasn’t happy with. My original concept of having only sky wasn’t as visually interesting as I thought, so this updated version has a meadow / field drawn in. I’ll probably use that ‘sky only’ concept again and find a way to make it work – because I think it could be interesting.
Also wanted to redraw the owl in this one. Although very simplified, it’s much more anatomically correct here.

Prints available in the shop: