2016 illustrated owl calendar in the shop

My 2016 owl calendar is now in the shop for pre order (will ship by October 30th). I’ve just finished up the last of 12 new illustrations. Below is a preview of a couple of the months – stay tuned as I scan and update the rest of them this week!
2016 owl calendar

Below, the month of July. A Great Horned Owl in a Southwest desert landscape.
illustrated owl calendar 2016
As my previous calendars, it measures 7×9″. Loose sheets held with a metal bulldog clip. Printed on high quality, sturdy, 100% recycled paper!

You can find the calendar in my shop here:

Owlet in nest

owlet in nest
Owl #38
Owlet in nest

Here is illustration 38 in the series! I think it’s interesting to see how this style has evolved over the last couple years. As this has turned into a long-term side project, you can especially see it in the owls. Drawing owls comes a lot easier now. In my recent ones I am tending to put in a bit more detail to distinguish the different species.
Anyhow, here is a Great Horned Owl and a fuzzy owlet peeking over the edge of a nest. Owls don’t build their own nest, so they sometimes uses the old nest of a squirrel or hawk. When I drew this I liked to think they might have stolen this one from an Osprey.

Prints in the shop here: Owlet Art Print

Illustrated Owl Chart

owl chart illustration

Whimsical Illustrated Owl Species Chart
13×19 Print: https://www.etsy.com/listing/182308646/illustrated-owl-species-chart-whimsical

This has been on my list to draw for a while now and I finally got around to it. It was a fun challenge figuring out how to portray and differentiate each owl. Not sure I can pick a favorite. I’m particularly happy with the great grey, screech, and northern hawk owl.

whimsical cartoon owls illustration

owls drawing