Owl and Aspens drawing

aspens owl art
Owl #44
Owl and Aspens
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A Great Horned Owl in a forest of aspens. Kept all the line work thin in this one. It felt right for the slender trees and papery bark.

Illustrated Owl Memory Game

owl art memory game
I loved playing memory games growing up. I had these owl memory game sets printed, and they’re now up in my shop!
25 different illustrations (50 cards), featuring various owls and their environments.

Packed in a little sturdy box, great for storage or travel.

You can find them or read more details in my shop here:

owl memory game

Fall Woodland Illustration

owl fungi drawing

Owl #40
Owl and nuthatch

A rainy fall woodland scene. An owl and a nuthatch on a fungi covered tree.
This one was a little difficult, it went through many revisions until I was finally happy with it. Sometimes its tough finding that balance between simplicity and the right amount of detail.

Prints available here: