Owlet in nest

owlet in nest
Owl #38
Owlet in nest

Here is illustration 38 in the series! I think it’s interesting to see how this style has evolved over the last couple years. As this has turned into a long-term side project, you can especially see it in the owls. Drawing owls comes a lot easier now. In my recent ones I am tending to put in a bit more detail to distinguish the different species.
Anyhow, here is a Great Horned Owl and a fuzzy owlet peeking over the edge of a nest. Owls don’t build their own nest, so they sometimes uses the old nest of a squirrel or hawk. When I drew this I liked to think they might have stolen this one from an Osprey.

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Three Owlets

Owl #22
owlet illustration

“Three Owlets in a tree”

This illustration was a bit difficult getting it to the point where I was happy. So far it’s the owl illustration I spend the longest span of time on. I kept coming back and adding to it in between working on other projects, never quite sure if it would make the cut. Finally, at the end I added layers of blue over the whole illustration and brought it from daytime into a more dusky time of day. I think it worked and made it a bit more interesting. Overall I’m pretty happy with it and I like the geometric pattern that came about in the vegetation.

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