Illustrated Owl Chart

owl chart illustration

Whimsical Illustrated Owl Species Chart
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This has been on my list to draw for a while now and I finally got around to it. It was a fun challenge figuring out how to portray and differentiate each owl. Not sure I can pick a favorite. I’m particularly happy with the great grey, screech, and northern hawk owl.

whimsical cartoon owls illustration

owls drawing

Short-eared Owl roost

Owl #28
Owls cartoon illustration

This illustration is based on the Short-eared Owl. At certain times of the year they will roost together in groups, sometimes as large as a couple hundred owls. So here they are among the grassy tussocks as the sun sets. These owls are mostly diurnal, meaning they are active in the day, so I suppose they are just settling down to sleep.

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