Owl and Fog watercolor illustration revisited

owl fog illustration
Owl #55
Owl and Fog

Owl #55 is an updated version of owl #12. I redrew this on on a whim just because I thought it would be fun. I think it’s interesting to see how my style has changed since I started this project.
The biggest difference between these two illustrations is how i painted the fog. The fog in #12 was a last minute addition and was painted with gouache over top the illustration. Since the fog in #55 was planned from the start I used watercolor and the white of the paper, which I personally prefer.
owl and fog
My owls have changed too over time. They are a lot easier for me to draw now for one thing. Their shapes, still simplified, are much more anatomically correct compared to the early ones – mainly because I just have fun drawing them this way at the moment.
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Fall Woodland Illustration

owl fungi drawing

Owl #40
Owl and nuthatch

A rainy fall woodland scene. An owl and a nuthatch on a fungi covered tree.
This one was a little difficult, it went through many revisions until I was finally happy with it. Sometimes its tough finding that balance between simplicity and the right amount of detail.

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Owlet in nest

owlet in nest
Owl #38
Owlet in nest

Here is illustration 38 in the series! I think it’s interesting to see how this style has evolved over the last couple years. As this has turned into a long-term side project, you can especially see it in the owls. Drawing owls comes a lot easier now. In my recent ones I am tending to put in a bit more detail to distinguish the different species.
Anyhow, here is a Great Horned Owl and a fuzzy owlet peeking over the edge of a nest. Owls don’t build their own nest, so they sometimes uses the old nest of a squirrel or hawk. When I drew this I liked to think they might have stolen this one from an Osprey.

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