Owl and Fog watercolor illustration revisited

owl fog illustration
Owl #55
Owl and Fog

Owl #55 is an updated version of owl #12. I redrew this on on a whim just because I thought it would be fun. I think it’s interesting to see how my style has changed since I started this project.
The biggest difference between these two illustrations is how i painted the fog. The fog in #12 was a last minute addition and was painted with gouache over top the illustration. Since the fog in #55 was planned from the start I used watercolor and the white of the paper, which I personally prefer.
owl and fog
My owls have changed too over time. They are a lot easier for me to draw now for one thing. Their shapes, still simplified, are much more anatomically correct compared to the early ones – mainly because I just have fun drawing them this way at the moment.
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Fall Woodland Illustration

owl fungi drawing

Owl #40
Owl and nuthatch

A rainy fall woodland scene. An owl and a nuthatch on a fungi covered tree.
This one was a little difficult, it went through many revisions until I was finally happy with it. Sometimes its tough finding that balance between simplicity and the right amount of detail.

Prints available here:

Owl and Foggy Island Illustration

Owl #20

Wow, we’ve hit number 20! This Owl is on a foggy and rocky island, with a lighthouse and the sea behind.
This one was fun to paint, as are most with fun different weather. Green is tricky, it is tough to use most times. This wasn’t too bad though, i think it helped to limit the green area and have different depths.

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Speaking of the shop, I just got some postcards made! They are really fun, i think the illustrations suit the postcard format well. So far I have a set of Snowy Owl postcards available.