Christmas Night Owl

christmas owl
Owl #54
Christmas Night Owl

A Great Horned Owl up in the evergreens. And under a clear sky, a snowy landscape with cottages lit up for Christmas. Hope you all have a nice holiday season!

Owl, moss, and snow drawing

Owl #53
Owl on moss cliffs

Owl 53 is another owl found in Iceland, the Short-eared Owl. I’ve drawn this one sitting on moss covered cliffs with falling snow. Liking the subtle variations of greens in this one.

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Barn Owl Christmas Card

Owl #26
barn owl christmas card

This is my other Christmas card for this year. A Barn Owl flying over little houses decorated with Christmas lights. Barn Owls tend to remind me of Christmas, so I’ve had a cozy little scene like this in my head for a while. I love the colorful old Christmas lights so I had to paint those in as well.

owl christmas card